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ESTEVE is a chemical and pharmaceutical group that has focused its business on the area of health since 1929, when Dr. Antoni Esteve i Subirana founded the first company. Today ESTEVE is renowned for its devotion to research, its international expansion, its ability to generate strategic alliances and its commitment to sustainability. 

Its head office is in Barcelona, it has eight subsidiaries on three continents (Europe, America and Asia) and sells its products in more than 60 countries. Through its three business activities–Pharmaceuticals, Generics, and Chemicals– it covers the whole drug life-cycle.

Message from the Chairman and the CEO

Albert Esteve


Image Chairman
Image CEO

Staffan Schüberg


At ESTEVE –yet another year– true to our commitment to transparency and sustainability, we wish to share our economic, social and environmental results for 2017, as well as our goals for 2018.

In the area of corporate governance, in 2017, we completed a process that began with the Board of Directors years ago, in which we proposed a corporate governance model based on the best practices of listed companies. If there were four independent board members who joined in 2016, in 2017 we named one of them to be coordinating director. A new CEO was appointed and the Chairman of the Board of Directors was replaced.

The Group’s strategic plan continues to progress globally, although overall economic performance is below forecast and our plan for 2020. The greatest deviation is due to price erosion in the North American generics market. Despite this, we have continued to make more strategic investments in industrial assets and other strategic projects.

Our focus is people’s health and well-being through the research and development of new products. In fact, our efforts have borne fruit in the form of a new entity: the E-58425 co-crystal. This product, the first of its kind, represents a major step in the treatment of pain, an area that is not receiving adequate coverage. As of the publication of this report, we are waiting to share the preliminary Phase III results with the competent health authorities.

In the internal social area, we would like to call attention to the progress on the cultural transformation project made this year and the corporate headquarters relocation scheduled for 2018. This switchover to digitalisation will serve as a lever for innovation allowing us to work better, more collaboratively and flexibly, creating more shared value.

And lastly, as part of our commitment to society and the environment, we would like to highlight our participation in innovation programmes in collaboration with start-ups to provide solutions to unresolved issues such as facilitating access to patient information leaflets for the deaf. With regard to the environmental area, we would like to underline our collaboration with a start-up promoted by Ship2B, with the aim of developing climate change risk software to anticipate actions and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

In today's environment of disruption, complexity and growing uncertainty, we must be prepared to adapt our businesses to the constantly changing needs of our consumers, regulators, customers and investors in order to remain competitive and provide value.

Value creation and trust are key elements for all organisations. For us, transparency and compliance give us the opportunity to work every day to find improvements for health, building the future by taking care of the present.  

This report has been drawn up according to the international standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) found in the latest version of the GRI Standards, and verified by an independent third party, which makes it possible for us to remain true to our commitment to transparent reporting to our stakeholders.

The Board of Directors promotes a sustainable business model, aware of the active role that companies play in achieving a sustainable environment and the well-being of humanity.

We hope you will find this latest edition of our Sustainability Report of interest.  

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€ 803 M
net sales
€ 81.4 M
investment in R&D,
10.1% of net sales
€ 42.2 M
investment in industrial assets,
5,3% of net sales

Main highlights 2017

Responsible business
  • Incorporation of a new CEO, the Chairman of the Board of Directors was replaced and a coordinating director was appointed.
  • Finalise the implementation of the Code of Ethics and communication channels worldwide.
  • Approval of the general procedure for the prevention of bribery, corruption and conflicts of interest at ESTEVE.
  • Approval of the supplier assessment procedure with sustainability criteria. Assessment scheduled to begin in 2018.
Employment and human development
  • Implementation of the cultural transformation associatedwith the corporate headquarters relocation.
  • Expansion of the performance management system, representing 40% of the workforce.
  • Reinforcement of the “Comparte” (Share) programme, where 55 internal experts have given 9,000 hours of training to 810 employees in new digital skills and personal efficiency.
  • Holding of the third edition of “Muévete, por ti y por ellos” (Move, for you and for them), a health initiative within the Healthy Company programme, aimed at promoting physical exercise among internal workers, totalling 150,000 km for 6.5 months of research for childhood cancer.
Health and well-being
  • Conducted Phase III research for the E-58425 co-crystal in the United States. This product, the first of its kind, represents a major breakthrough in the treatment of pain.
  • Development of other research projects in the field of pain, among which MuMo1—a new chemical entity with a multi-modal action mechanism, which includes Sigma-1 activity—stands out.
  • Research on gene therapy for the treatment of minority diseases continued.
  • Conducted 17 bioequivalence studies for a total of 12 generic drugs under development.
  • Start of development of new generic dosage forms (injectable) and new biologically active molecules (peptides).
  • Holding of the first edition of  “Latidos que Suman” (Heartbeats That Count), a charitable virtual race for health professionals, totalling 70,000 km for 20 defibrillators installed in six different autonomous communities.
  • Participation in the construction of the new Pediatric Cancer Center of Hospital Sant Joan de Déu, for the research and cure of childhood cancer worldwide.
  • Expansion of the scope of the annual ESTEVE Greenhouse Gases (GHG) inventory, including emissions derived from processing waste in Spain and Mexico and the emissions derived from workers’ commuting in Mexico.
  • Collaboration in the “Bosques Terapéuticos” (Therapeutic Forests) programme promoted by the Sèlvans Association, which has a three-fold objective: to preserve mature forests, to create new jobs and to promote health
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