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ESTEVE’s main priorities include the research and development of new drugs and products which contribute to a better quality of life for patients and to self-care and encouraging healthy lifestyle habits, thus promoting the sustainability of healthcare systems.

This pillar contributes towards achieving the following Sustainable Development Goals:

R&D programmes,
1 on pain in
Phase III
of social action

Main Results 2017

Conducted Phase III research for the E-58425 co-crystal in the United States. This product, the first of its kind, represents a major breakthrough in the treatment of pain.

Development of other research projects in the field of pain, among which MuMo1—a new chemical entity with a multi-modal action mechanism, which includes Sigma-1 activity—stands out.

Research on gene therapy for the treatment of minority diseases continued.

Conducted 17 bioequivalence studies for a total of 12 generic drugs under development.

Start of development of new generic dosage forms (injectable) and new biologically active molecules (peptides). 

Holding of the first edition of  “Latidos que Suman” (Heartbeats That Count), a charitable virtual race for health professionals, totalling 70,000 km for 20 defibrillators installed in six different autonomous communities.

Participation in the construction of the new Pediatric Cancer Center of Hospital Sant Joan de Déu, for the research and cure of childhood cancer worldwide.

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